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请点击右上角蓝色“+关注”,关注英语周报头条号,实时吸收精彩内容。最易念错的100个常用单词掌握“美式发音”技巧,一个句子就GO了!1小时突破音标重难点Unit 1Section Amake word cards 制作词卡read the textbook 阅读课本listen to tapes 听磁带ask the teacher for help 求助老师study for a test 备考work with a group 小组互助have conversations with friends 和朋侪们谈话read aloud 朗读improve speaking skills 提高口语技术give a report 作陈诉a slow reader 一个阅读速度慢的人get the main ideas 获取大意at first 起初;开始read word by word 逐字读word groups 意群be patient with sb. 对某人有耐心It takes time. 这得花时间 / 这得逐步来。be afraid to do / of doing sth. 畏惧做某事poor pronunciation 发音欠好fall in love with ... 爱上……body language 身势语;肢体语言the expression(s) on one's face 某人脸上的心情listen for the key words 留意听关键词as well 也the secret to ... ……的秘诀language learning 语言学习It's a piece of cake. 小菜一碟。


It serves you right. 你活该。look up the word in a dictionary 在字典中查单词take notes 记条记memorize sentence patterns 影象句型do grammar exercises 做语法训练keep a diary in English 用英语记日记Section Bincrease reading speed 提高阅读速度make mistakes in grammar 在语法方面犯错be born with ... 天生具有……the ability to learn 学习的能力depend on 取决于;依赖learning habits 学习习惯have ... in common 有……配合之处create an interest in ... 对……发生兴趣pay attention to 注意;关注connect ... with ... 把……和……毗连或联系起来learn from mistakes 从错误中学习think about 思量Use it or lose it. 非用即失。Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。

develop study skills 造就学习技术write down 写下;记下look for ways to review 寻找温习的方法Knowledge comes from questioning. 知识源于质疑。Unit 2Section Athe Water Festival 泼水节the Dragon Boat Festival 端午节the Spring Festival 春节 the Lantern Festival 元宵节Mother's Day 母亲节 Father's Day 父亲节a little too crowded 有点太拥挤eat out 出去用饭put on five pounds 体重增加了5磅Guess what? 你猜怎么着?in two weeks 两周以后the hottest month of the year 一年中最热的月份be similar to 和……相似the Dai people 傣族throw water at each other 相互泼水wash away bad things 洗去晦气have good luck in the new year 在新的一年交好运celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival 庆祝中秋节in the shape of a full moon 一轮满月的形状on the Mid-Autumn night 在中秋节的晚上traditional folk stories 传统民间故事shoot down 射下magic medicine 仙药 live forever 永生不老plan to do sth. 计划做某事refuse to do sth. 拒绝做某事lay out 摆开;部署start the tradition of ... 开始……的传统admire the moon 赏月Section Btrick or treat 不给糖就捣乱light candles 点燃蜡烛play a trick on sb. 捉弄某人give sb. a treat 款待某人dress up as cartoon characters 装扮成卡通人物the true meaning of Christmas 圣诞节的真正寄义care about 体贴;在意make m。